Tip for First-Time Business Owner - 3

Say it in 30 seconds or don't say it all. From a chance encounter with an investor to a curious customer, always be ready to pitch your business. State your mission, service and goals in a clear and concise manner. Fit the pitch to the person. Less is always more.

5 Ways You Sabotage Your Own Happiness - 2

Avoiding deeply meaningful connections. Ultimately, the human experience is about connecting with other people. Connection is what provides value and meaning to our lives. We're wired for it and research proves just that. People with strong social ties were found to be healthier and have a lower risk of death. Additionally, it was found that as age increases, the people with stronger social ties tend to live longer. Research has also found that being in a long-term relationship, such as marriage, decreases the risk of depression, suicide, and substance abuse. What if networking is a problem because you’re an introvert? You can get around the problem by starting to network online. Recharge yo

Tips to Guide Young Entrepreneurs - 2

Define your market. You’ve heard this before. It’s one of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. Go with something that makes sense for your scope. If you’re a small startup and still a student, staying local or targeting fellow students might be the best direction. The Internet gives us almost infinite reach, but it’s vital to narrow your market down to what is realistic, and stick with those who have a reason to be interested.

Social Enterprise Workshop - a must for all

Workspace is excited to be hosting this fantastic event for Social Enterprises with Regional Development Victoria and the City of Greater Bendigo. This workshop will be facilitated by SkysDesign, a Victorian social enterprise that specialises in working with social enterprises, not-for-profits and charities on their branding and identity. Bruce Hall is an experience workshop leader, having a track record of assisting small businesses over 8 years as a workshop leader for Small Business Victoria and other local organisations. He specialises in marketing, e-marketing and personal development. This two part workshop has been designed to help social enterprises develop their branding and identi

Tip for First-Time Business Owner - 2

Know what you do. Do what you know. Don't start a business simply because it seems sexy or boasts large hypothetical profit margins and returns. Do what you love. Businesses built around your strengths and talents will have a greater chance of success. It's not only important to create a profitable business, it's important that you're happy managing and growing it day and day out. If your heart isn't in it, you will not be successful.

5 Ways You Sabotage Your Own Happiness - 1

Self-defeating self-talk. “If you are like most people, you know your inner critic all too well. It is the voice in your head that judges you, doubts you, belittles you, and constantly tells you that you are not good enough. Even if that voice in the back of your head is wrong it doesn’t matter. That negative, polluted, and repetitive self-defeating mindset has already done some serious damage. The good news is that you can stop beating yourself up by: Slowing down and paying attention to your thoughts. This will help you notice whenever that pesky critic is present. Separating the critic from your own identity. Talking back to your critic and telling it to go away. Replacing the critic by n

Tips to Guide Young Entrepreneurs - 1

Passion. You will fail. That is part of the game. Your failures are most likely to lead to success if you get involved with something you believe in. Starting a business just for its own sake will leave you directionless, burned out and ultimately, back where you started. Choose an interest that you can be passionate about. Marrying charity to traditional business models may be a great way to combine the things you – and potential consumers – care most about.

Tips for First Time Business Owners - 1

Focus. Focus. Focus. Many first-time entrepreneurs feel the need to jump at every "opportunity" they come across. Opportunities are often wolves in sheep's clothing. Avoid getting side-tracked. Juggling multiple ventures will spread you thin and limit both your effectiveness and productivity. Do one thing perfectly, not ten things poorly. If you feel the need to jump onto another project, that might mean something about your original concept.

Brightening Events in Castlemaine

Workspace Castlemaine welcomes William Argus and his specialised skills in lighting and projection. William Argus from Kyneton Further Education describes his business as event lighting and projection mapping. William’s typical customers are Corporate Events and Music Festivals where his experience and knowledge sets him apart from others.

Renowned Photographer for Maldon

Workspace Maldon is priveleged to have internationally renowned photographer Rob Leeson establishing his business in the region. With over 40 years of photographic experience, Rob Leeson has worked for major news organisations both locally and internationally. Working with The Age (Melbourne) for 14 years and most recently 20+ years with The Herald Sun, he has been awarded various accolades for his work. He has been published in publications such as National Geographic, New York Times, The Guardian (London) The Age, The Herald Sun, Courier Mail, Hobart Mercury, The Australian and the Womens Weekly to name a few. Throughout his years in the industry, Rob has found a particular passion in prod

Old Art made modern for Castlemaine

At the end of 2015, Tim Godfrey finished up his Masters of Engineering, a degree that was really only going to help him be an academic in the big city. He and Jodi his wife spent a lot of time coming up with all kinds of hair-brained ideas to use his techy, mathematical skills in a small country town. And then finally, one day, came the light-bulb moment - laser cut paper pieces. And so with his brains and her creative flare combined, they developed Tales of Cloth Paper Pieces. Tim built a laser cutter, and Jodi has been madly stitching late into the night. Their goal is to help people make unique and beautiful hand-pieced quilts, connecting different shapes together to discover new tiling p

Cleanup Eaglehawk & Central Victoria

Welcome to Pig Bins our newest business at Workspace Eaglehawk who provide skip bin hire and waste management services. If you’re looking for skip bin hire in Bendigo, you can’t go past Pig Bins. With the cheapest bins around, coupled with quick delivery and a full 7 days hire on all skips we can’t be beat. As the first choice for Bendigo residents and businesses looking for the skip bin hire in the region, Pig Bins can supply a skip bin to suit all your needs, with both long term and short term hire options.

Golden Opportunity for Small Business

Again this year Workspace had the honour of co-hosting the Bendigo Festival Roadshow event. This event is run in conjunction with Small Business Victoria and this year we were privileged to have Lydia Lassila OAM as our guest speaker. Lydia an Olympic gold medalist Ariel Skier, who shared with us the highs and lows of being a professional athlete, business owner and mother of two small boys. She provided the audience with tips and strategies that everyone could encompass in their own businesses to help ensure they are successful. We wish Lydia all the best for her fifth olympic campaign and look forward to her securing another gold medal in February 2018.

Legal & Conveyancing Services available in Gisborne

Workspace Gisborne would like to welcome LS Law & Conveyancies. After obtaining a Master of Laws degree from University of Gdansk, Poland and Diploma in English and European Law from Cambridge University, Luiza Struska decided to continue her legal career in Australia. She now specialises mainly in property and commercial law and has experience in general law conversion applications, adverse possession claims, complex conveyancing transactions, easements and leases, to name a few. As an Australian Registered Migration Agent she can also assist clients with a range of visa and other migration matters. Luiza prides herself on delivering the best legal and the most effective practical advice bo