End of Financial Year Tip 5

Next Financial Year Budget Have you thought about doing a budget for next financial year? That way you not only have goals to achieve, but you can focus on where you want the business to grow.

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Heidi Romano is a creative problem solver, combining her wealth of experience in art direction and photography with insightful story telling. Heidi Romano has over 17 years of experience in the fields of photography & design. She is passionate about turning complex ideas into well-crafted design solutions for print and interactive projects. Heidi is passionate about collaborating with photographers and organisations worldwide to tell visual stories in creative, meaningful and compelling ways. She specialises in content creation, storytelling and creative layouts.

End of Financial Year - Tip 4

Do you have inventory/stock in your business? If so, allocate a day/time to perform a physical stocktake prior to 30 June. This will confirm quantities and values, and anything that is obsolete.

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MBE Training have been conducting a variety of training, plant risk assessments and OHS consultancy services since 2011. As of early January 2018, MBE Training become registered with ASQA as a Registered Training Organisation – RTO Number 45324. At MBE Training their philosophy is how they can make training more affordable and easier for organisations. To try and achieve this, MBE Training will work with the client to undertake training at a time and place that suits their needs and try to reduce as much down time and lost productivity as possible. For more information visit their website on

End of Financial Year Tip 3

Annual payment summaries to employees need to be given to staff by 14th July 2019. Ensure you reconcile payroll prior to printing and ensure your payroll contact details for employees are up to date. June 2019 quarter Business Activity Statements are due 28 July 2019 if you don’t lodge via a registered BAS or Tax agent.

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Biome is different because they delve into the complete story of a product and its impacts. Not only does this give you peace of mind that the product is safe, but you also get to know the people and motivation behind our products. We cannot rely upon government regulation to keep us safe. There are many cases of toxins being allowed on the market that have since been proven to cause terrible harm. They consult expert and world-leading environmental and toxicity sources to go far beyond what government regulations allow. Sometimes the most sustainable choice is not straight-forward, but we demand that manufacturers tell the whole truth so that you can make an informed decision.

End of Financial Year Tip 2

Bank Reconciliation Ensure your bank and credit card accounts are reconciled. This not only gives you a good idea of your cash position, but also ensures all items are accounted for. Petty Cash should also be reconciled.

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Trend Logic Trend Logics provide digital strategies for online success. Their services include websites, web applications, mobile applications and cloud hosting. They deliver projects on time, on budget and to the highest standards. Their expert team will deliver the right solutions to facilitate business transformation.