Tips for Independent Artist - Preparation part 2

Preparation - Expenditure

Where is your money / resources going? We all know money is essential but other resources are too.

• Write a list of everything you think you spend money on. • Go online and work out what direct debits you have coming out of all your bank accounts. Don’t forget all your accounts and platforms like PayPal. • Check your phone for what subscriptions and direct debits you have already or planned. • Put it all into one folder or note book so you can keep track. • Allocate up to 2 hours every day for about 2-4 weeks to get this process under way. • Make sure if artists or sub-contractors have invoiced you, that you have a payment plan conversation with them. An option is to look towards your peak bodies for advice about what business support you will be entitled to with government packages. • Have you got any trade set up with friends or neighbours, are these casual or formal arrangements? Can they continue, or do they need to change?

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