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Study Tips

Are you just about to start your exams here are 5 great study tips I read recently.

1. Get out of your comfort zone Research suggests that mixing up your study environment can actually help you retain information. So pack up your notes and take your revision on location - perhaps come visit us at 45 Mundy Street at the Youth Innovation Centre, comfortable couches or tables and chairs if you prefer and free WiFi.

2. Say it loud A lot of students say that reciting their study notes out loud helps them grasp concepts and remember important information. Try projecting your study notes, or explain concepts you need to remember conversationally with a friend.

3. Chew Want to improve your focus while studying? Try chewing gum. There's research to suggest that the chewing motion improves blood flow to the brain which can boost memory.

4. Less really is more Break you entire study load into smaller chunks and deal with them one at a time. Attempting too much at once can be overwhelming and negatively impact on your learning. Plus, you'll stay more motivated as you tick off each section.

5. Sleep This one you've probably heard, but you can't underestimate how important sleep is when it comes to studying, not to mention your overall well-being! Try to be consistent - aim to go to bed at night and rise in the morning around the same time. If you're thinking about pulling an all-nighter of study, consider that the more tired you get, the harder it becomes to retain information.

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