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Moving towards a balance as a busy mum

You work hard getting balance in one area of your life only to find another area becomes out of balance. It gets frustrating, and as a busy mum, you resign to the fact that you will never find balance. Or maybe when the kids mover out you will!

It doesn't have to be that way - nor should it be that way. You are a busy mum, you juggle. You have conflicting priorities on your time. You watch your babies growing up and want to be part of their growth and development. You still have the day-to-day pressures of running a business and a home, plus the need to develop your business.

What you need to do is own your time. You control how you use it and what you do. Allowing time for the day-to-day things to happen and the big picture things. Most importantly allowing yourself to be present with your babies.

The first thing you do is schedule you time. When is "work" time, "family" time, "domestic" time. Put it all in your diary. Use different calendars for every family member, share and co-ordinate. Do the same with staff if you need to. Mark time in your calendar to work on the big things. Make some tasks non-negotiable!

Once you control your time you need to delegate. Set-up systems in your business, automate repeating tasks, document procedures. Then delegate them to staff, contractors or a VA. Don't stop with just your business, set up systems in your house. Systems so your cleaning gets done, the washing, shopping and cooking. Again, once you have the system delegate to family or pay someone.

Own you time, control your tasks, always think of the big picture and make sure as the business owner you are always working on ways to achieve your goals. Once you acheive your goals, set bigger goals. Keep growing. Develop yourself. Expand your mind and bring your family with you on your journey. Achieve balance in your life - grow a successful business and a happy family. Live life and have fun!

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