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Bendigo small business owners – want your business to soar?

If you haven't got your ticket to this year's Roadshow Event then I recommend you get together with your friends or colleagues and organise a table. You are urged to attend the Learning to Soar: Dinner with Lydia Lassila, a feature of this year’s Small Business Festival Victoria.

Olympic gold medallist aerial skier turned small business woman, Lydia will tell guests about how to take their enterprise to new heights and turn adversity into advantage.

Lydia admits tough times were the catalyst for her business. “I tore my ACL in my knee twice in six months and struggled to find a cold therapy solution for myself that wouldn’t leak or slip and would stay cold for long enough. “Out of frustration and a clear vision for what I wanted in a product, I set out to make it myself. My business, BodyICE was up and running six months later,” she says.

Learning to Soar: Dinner with Lydia Lassila, will be held on Wednesday 2 August 6:00pm-8:30pm at the Ulumbarra Theatre, Goal Road, Bendigo. Tickets are $60 per person. The event includes a two course dinner and offers great networking opportunities. Book now at

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