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Fond Farwell - Board Retirement

It is with sadness that we say good bye to Harold Kanost one of Workspace's founding Board Members. We thank you Harold for all your input and wise words, you will be sorely missed.

Harold immigrated to Australia in 1970, after Honourable Discharge from the United States Navy, where he maintained surface and submarine electronics. Harold established Ceramic Oxide Fabricators Pty Ltd, a manufacturer of alumina and zirconia ceramics, in 1971 in Melbourne. The company later received a government decentralization grant to move the business to Central Victoria, where the company has remained.

The Ceramic Oxide Group of companies exports to an international market for science and industry and supplies some of the world’s most prestigious research laboratories. The company has a world class reputation for the SIRO2 oxygen sensor, originally developed by CSIRO. This sensor is the industry standard for gas carburising furnaces used to harden steel components in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Harold is proud of the Workspace organisation and its many achievements, in which he has had involvement since its inception. Harold was the founding Chair of Eaglehawk Enterprise Park (in 1994) which evolved into Regional Enterprise Networks (responding to the Greater Bendigo region) and then (in 1998) to the present incarnation of Workspace Australia Ltd.

Photo shows Harold as a young business owner.

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