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Christmas Marketing Strategies Week 3


Some of us have been hit harder than others with the pandemic crisis, so partnering up with other companies, businesses or collaborating on some sort of campaign might be a great idea which will help both of you. For example, you could collaborate with another business to do a Christmas competition or giveaway.

This generally involves you posting something on your social media feed, encouraging them to interact or engage by ‘tagging their friends’ or ‘sharing to their story’ whilst tagging you in it. That way, you're giving back to the community, raising brand awareness and following whilst helping each other out.


One of the best ways to involve consumers into your business is by providing them real-time updates. Instagram and Facebook offer a 'Stories' feature, which allows you to upload images or videos for a time of 24 hours. Additionally, Instagram has also introduced "Reels" - their rival the newcomer TikTok.

This is a great feature which allows or prompts your followers to engage, something as simple as "Releasing a new product – Can anyone guess what it is?" would encourage them to engage with you, spark interest and also keep them engaged. They would want to know what this new product is, and that element would keep them engaged with your page.


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