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Tips for Independent Artists - Negotiation part 3

Direct Debits - This often doesn't seem like a very important thing, but it can turn into a massive area to get your head around.

You may have direct debits that are paid fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. • What direct debits do you have coming out of your bank accounts? • What direct debits do you have coming out of credit cards? • What direct debits do you have coming from other platforms like PayPal, iTunes or your phone? • Do you still need these things right now? • Why do you need them? • Which ones are professional expenses like bookkeeping systems, receipt systems, web site systems, mail chimp, dropbox etc.? Are there better cheaper options? Consult with colleagues or do a massive online search and see what other businesses are doing. • Which ones are personal like iTunes, Netflix or Uber Eats? What do you need to keep? • If you have colleagues or friends with different access needs make a plan as a group and find out what costs people are keeping and what they are changing and how we can collaborate in this time. • Can you slowly change these things, if too much change feels stressful? • Also think about other things like Spotify, magazines, subscriptions, dating sites, etc?


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