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Why we exist...

Workspace Australia Ltd (Workspace) is a registered Charity which was established to improve employment opportunities for socially disadvantaged individuals thereby reducing the personal and social costs of unemployment.

Workspace provides training and enterprise activities for the benefit of individuals seeking employment in Regional Victoria.

Workspace operates a number of Social Enterprises that create employment throughout Central Victoria.  

Empowering Individuals through Education and Inclusion

Our Mission

Our Purpose

Workspace Australia will create opportunities for people who seek employment by providing skills training and other support through the establishment and operation of sustainable social enterprises, ventures and programs, thereby contributing to building a vibrant and sustainable community.

Our Vision

Create empowerment through innovation and employment to ensure all individuals seeking engagement are successful in securing long term sustainable employment.


  • Stimulate economic growth with the view of increasing employment opportunities.

  • Create self-sustaining social enterprises, ventures & programs.

  • Provide a platform for the tranisition of high quality, professional information and assistance to individuals seeking to obtain employment.

The purpose for which Workspace is established is to assist in the relief of poverty, suffering and misfortune by

  • Empowering people to become self-reliant during periods of unemployment

  • Assisting unemployed people to gain and retain employment

  • Providing employment training and other training as required

  • Providing enterprise training and activities that will generate and support self-employment

  • Providing a business structure so that the company can support on-going activities with the view of generating employment

  • Providing positive and supportive centres for people to work and learn

  • Developing an informed awareness in the community of the needs and aspirations of people who are out of work

  • Advocating on behalf of unemployed people so that their rights are recognised by all sections of the community

  • Providing a volunteer structure so that business and community representatives, along with people who are out of work, can assist in providing services for unemployed people

All activities carried on by Workspace will be for the purpose of relieving suffering in individuals in the community. These will include but are not limited to long term unemployed, immigrants, homeless, youth, elderly and those individuals suffering from disabilities.

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