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Virtual Associate

Are you an individual or a business who requires support, advice and training to get them where they want to be in the future?


Workspace is ready to assist and support you and/or your business to achieve your goals and expectations.

This support can be specific or as general as required. As an associate and part of the Workspace network, you can expect business support and mentoring, access to Workspace resources such as information, newsletters, training, use of training and conference rooms and networking opportunities.

You can also expect to participate in any training or skill development programs provided by Workspace during the period of time you are a member.


  •  6 months membership $440.00

  • 12 months membership $660.00

Who can become a Virtual Associate


If you need advice, training or just a sounding board then become a Virtual Associate today and have information and support at your finger tips when you need it.


Need help with your business or is your business not meeting your expectations?  Become a Virtual Associate and learn how to manage your business so that it achieves it's full potential.

Services Offered

  • Access to promotion of your business
  • Access to complimentary business journals, reference books and resource library

  • Access to free mentoring and advice

  • Access to internet and meeting rooms

  • Registered CBD Bendigo Business address

  • Internal Mail Box

  • Receipt of all relevant mail, parcels and depositing of each into your personal mail box

  • We contact you when mail or parcels are received

  • Listing on Directory Board

  • Inclusion on Workspace website Business Directory listing with hyperlink to your web address/page

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