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At Workspace we believe everyone learns differently.  Speak to us about our group sessions or one-on-one training formats.

Applying for a Job

Need to write a cover letter?
Need help addressing key selection criteria?

This course is designed to help you secure more job interviews. Increase your chances of obtaining an interview by including a tailored cover letter.

We can assist you in understanding what Key Selection Criteria is. Learn how to identify what is expected of you and how best to communicate your ability to meet these criteria.

Crisis Planning

Do you have an emergency plan in place?

Have you thought about planning for the future?

Everyone is exposed to some level of risk whether from natural disaster such as bushfires and floods or, man-made accidents or illness. Recovery from disaster involves all dimensions of one's life. In this workshop participants will be guided through a step-by-step approach to identifying and assess risks, then plan and prepare how to manage item.

Goal Setting

Have you set yourself goals?

Need help prioritising your goals?

Whether you are an individual or a business everyone needs goals. This course will assist you in prioritising your goals in life and determining what is the best way to achieve them. Create a structured pathway to achieving your goals.

How to Start a Website

Would you like to start a website?

Like to learn how to manager your own website?

This course will show you how to develop your own website. Create exactly what you want and update it easily whenever you want. There is no coding needed and everything you design looks great on any device.

Introduction to Computers

Are you new to using computers?

Need a refresher on how to operate a computer?

Learn the basics of your computer from turning it on to accessing the information you want. Receive a snap shot on how to use programs such as Microsoft word and excel, retrieve your emails and access the web.


Need help marketing yourself, an idea, a product or service?

Do you need strategies to achieve your goals?

Learn more about what your unique selling proposition is. This course will assist you in choosing the right marketing activities. Learn how to measure the success of your marketing tools and determine what works best for you.


Do you have effective networking skills?

Do you know how to sell yourself or your business?

There is a lot more to networking than just meeting new people - it is not enough that people know you, or that they like you, they also need to trust you. The workshop will help participants to learn how to build relationships, communicate effectively and build their reputation using both face-to-face and online networking.

Record Keeping

Need to help keeping track of your income and expenses?

Like to spend less time worrying about your record keeping?

This interactive workshop will give participants a sound understanding of basic financial systems and bookkeeping, including cloud based systems, and a take home set of checklists, templates and tips ready to implement.

Save Money and Go Green

Are you conscious of the environment?

Would you like to save costs?

Learn how to implement the right sustainable practices to reduce utility use and waste costs. This workshop focuses on practical, realistic and affordable solutions to save water and energy and reduce waste.

Time Management

Do you seem to get nothing achieved?

Need help learning how to prioritise?

This workshop will introduce proven strategies that will help you stop putting off the important things that you really should be doing. Learn how to start each day productively by setting priorities, daily goals and remove distrations.

Developing an Online Strategy

Have you been thinking about goal setting?

Would you like an effective online presence?

This course will assist you to learn how to manage your online presence and adopt digital technology. Developing content, understanding social media and search engine optimisation are all covered in this course.

Employing People

Thinking about hiring someone?

Need to know the legal requirement of employing staff?

This workshop will teach participants how to find the right people, contract them, induct them and manage them in line with good management practice and legal requirements.

How to keep a Job

Are you staring a new job?

Not sure what is expected of you?

This course is designed to help those starting their working life or returning to work after an absence. Learn what your employer expects of you and how to ensure your employer relationship is a positive one built on trust.

Interview Techniques

Need help preparing for interviews?

Would you like to improve your interview techniques?

This course will assist you in improving both your presentation and interview technique skills. Learn strategies to overcome nervousness and better help you make a great first impression. Gain assistance in dress, appearance, interview locations, what is expected of you and protocols are all included in this course.

Job Presentation & Preparation

Do you need advice on dress code?

Would you like assistance in becoming job ready?

This course will help you to know what you should wear, how to behave and the things you will need to know to ensure your first day and beyond are a huge success for both you and your new employer.

Money Management

Need help managing your finances?

Want to have more control over your money?

This workshop will guide participants through step-by-step to develop an effective budget and forecast that can help them monitor their finances. Learn strategies to help ensure your bills are paid in a timely manner.


Need a plan for the future?

Not sure what direction you want to take?

This course will help you set clear goals and objectives for the future. Course focuses on problem solving and strategy development with the view of building strong leadership and will help to fast-track your success.

Resume Writing

Do you need a resume?

Does your resume need updating?

This course is designed to help you ensure your resume will stand out from the crowd. Learn what should be included and how to best describe your experience and abilities. Discover the optimum way to design and layout your resume to ensure the maximum impact.

Social Media Content Management

Want to learn how to manage your social media profile?

Is your social media hindering your job search?

Learn how to ensure your social media content is not hindering your chances of finding employment and learn how to make social media work for you. This course is perfect for individuals who wish to gain a greater understanding of social media, as well as those tasked with implementing and managing a comprehensive social media strategy.

Work Skill Assessment

Not sure what you wan to do in life?

Need guidance on what skills are needed for your chosen profession?

This course looks at not only what skills are required for different vocations but also looks at your individual skills and matches them against possible career choices. Participant will be able to assess if they have all  the skills and abilities needed and formulate an action plan for personal development.

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