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Using Social Media in Job Hunting Series - Week 1 Google

Over the next 6 weeks we will show how everyone can use Social Media when job hunting.

Week 1 in the series is using Google to your advantage. It is important to always ensure that you project a professional image and that means not just in person but on social media as well.

Google yourself to see if anything inappropriate comes up or are there just positive things about you. Don't forget to check images as well as you never know when someone has posted a photo and tagged you in it.

Employers these days are doing just this using Google as a tool to help them in the selection process. Remember that some employers will have already done this search before they meet you so first impressions are no longer based on face to face contact.

As an employer have you included this tool in your selection process. I would recommend all employers check their potential new employees as a lot can be learnt from online searches about the type of person you maybe employing.

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