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Meet the Staff - Jess (Administration)

Second in our series of meet the Workspace team is the newest member of the team Jessica Brydson.

As the youngest member of the team at the age of 5 - yes she was born on the 29th February, Jess adds youth to the small diverse group. Born and raised in Bendigo she is a graduate of Girton Grammar showing a flare for art and technology. After taking a gap year and still not sure what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, Jess began doing some volunteer work with Workspace. Showing an enthusiasm to learn and fitting into the existing team with ease, Jess was offered a full time Administration Traineeship.

"I love being part of Workspace and every day is different. I get to meet lots of different people and businesses which makes my day really enjoyable" Jess says when asked why she likes working for Workspace. I asked Jess has the transition from student to volunteer to employee been a difficult one. "Not really, it was a little daunting when I first started having to fill Jenna's shoes after she moved to Melbourne, but Beck had written manuals on how to do everything and I mean everything and both her and Merv have made it really easy" she says.

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