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Using Social Media in Job Hunting Series - Week 6 Facebook

The final in our using Social Media series when job hunting is Facebook.

Love it or hate it, Facebook can help you connect with a new job, when used appropriately and carefully.

Facebook is the second most popular social network for recruiters. It is estimated 65% of employers use Facebook in their recruiting. While more than 90% of employers and recruiters conduct a quick "background check" of job applicants using search engines, over 70% of them have rejected job seekers based on inappropriate photos, comments, and sharing on Facebook that the searches found for them.

Because so many employers search and/or use Facebook for their recruiting, smart job seekers can successfully leverage the visibility that Facebook gives them. They can use Facebook to demonstrate how social-media-savvy they are and they can use it intelligently to also demonstrate their skills and expertise for the job they want.

Since so many employers have social media presence on Facebook and since so many of their employees use Facebook, it can become an excellent way to expand your network and connect with a new job.

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