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Meet the Staff - Rebecca (CEO)

In the final of the series of meet the Workspace team members we meet Rebecca Dempsey the CEO.

A graduate of Monash University, Rebecca began her career as a Insolvency Accountant for Ernst & Young during the Insolvency boom of the 1990's. Having moved to Bendigo in 1999 with her husband and their young son she began working for Workspace the following year in 2000. Her ability to analyse a small business, identify its weaknesses and formulate a plan for recovery has transcended the years to make her one of the best business advisers of today in her current role as CEO and Accountant of Workspace.

She has worked with multi-million dollar firms to those just starting their journey of small business ownership. She has the ability to make the most difficult concept easy and understandable. Her practical and down to earth attitude means business owners relate to her and feel at ease opening themselves up to new ideas and initiatives.

Rebecca says she loves the enthusiasm that comes with startup businesses or some one ready to take that leap from home. "Being part of the Workspace team for over 15 years you would think I had seen everything but then along comes someone with a new idea" she says. When asked why she thinks she's been able to successfully help so many businesses, "its having the skills I acquired whilst working in Insolvency that has been a real benefit, it enables me to assess a business quickly and formulate a plan on how to best assist the business moving forward." she explains.

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