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Security at Christmas

Burglaries on homes and business premises often increase during the holiday period. Returning to your home or business to discover you have been burgled is one sure way to spoil the well earned break you have just had.

Some simple things you can do before going away are:

  • · Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked.

  • · Conduct a security audit of your home and premises.

  • · Cancel all newspaper and other deliveries.

  • · Consider turning down the volume of your telephone ring.

  • · Make a list of your property and valuables. If you have an assets register—now is a good time to update it.

  • · It is a good idea to take photographs and mark valuable items.

  • · Arrange for someone to collect your mail or have it held at the Post Office.

  • · Complete and lodge an “Absent from Premises” form at your local Police Station.

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