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Preparing for the New Year - Part 1

Are you ready to start the New Year? Over the next week we look at three critical acts you should do this week to prepare.

1. Reflect

Many people will push right into the New Year with no respect or consideration for the last 365 days. No doubt, victories were had, mistakes were made, relationships came and went and, most importantly, lessons were learned. Take time to consciously reflect upon the major incidents of 2016. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I do to most contribute to my successes?

  • What did I do to most contribute to my failures?

  • What would I do differently given the same set of circumstances?

  • Who were the people worthy of my time and effort?

  • With whom did I spend time where I received no value?

  • In what ways did I not measure up to my potential?

  • What will I most fondly remember about 2016?

  • For what will I be rightly proud?

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