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Welcome to 2017 - How to return to Work after Holidays

Welcome to 2017 what a wonderful year it will be. There is absolutely nothing stopping any of us from achieving whatever we set out to do.

What are the odds that you'll wake up every morning this week, open one eye and think: ‘Why on earth is my alarm going off in the middle of the night?’ Then: reality will strike. Christmas is over. No more couch days in your pyjamas, watching The Holiday and browsing the sales online. You have to work.

It’s enough to strike terror into even the most enthusiastic employee. Over the past fortnight, if you’re lucky, you’ve hibernated like a pro. You’ve been living in a bubble, full to the brim with Celebrations and left-over stuffing balls. You’re in so deep that there’s practically a fortress of food surrounding you.

So now what? How do you break down this self-imposed wall and return to reality? Especially when you feel like you’ve just rediscovered that Father Christmas doesn’t exist?

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