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Fine Art in Castlemaine - Dale Cox

Dale Cox has recently taken up residence at Workspace Castlemaine. In Dale's recent Paintings the livestock itself has literally usurped and supplanted the land. "These works - like many themes familiar to my artistic oeuvre- seek to unite opposing endpoints to neatly encapsulate a broader idea within a neatly consumable visual concept. It’s a kind of distillation process that removes time, particularity and other circumstantial elements that can clutter and distract, to achieve an abridged refined visual idea. By consolidating a broader concept into a single hopefully compelling image, my aim is to challenge and invite the viewer to consider the vectors and processes at work that shape and determine the broader world around us. I have always tried to convey environmental concerns in an engagingly poetic way- rather than present the grim face of environmental impacts directly which can at times disengage an audience. I would rather invite a more contemplative and reflective experience." Dale says. To see more about Dale and his various works click on either of the pictures below.

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