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Tips for a Balanced Life

Finding the right balance between work and home life is vital for everyone no matter what type of personality you have. Over the next five weeks we will provide 5 tips to helping you achieve the balance needed.

Tip 1 – Force yourself to separate work and personal life: Social psychologists support that your ability to do a good job while at work depends on whether or not you have a home life that refreshes and restores you. If you cannot stop thinking about the projects you have to complete after leaving the office, try to create a mental filing cabinet. It would act as your actual project cabinet since you will allow yourself to sit down, open it and deal with your work worries. Then force yourself to mentally close the cabinet and do something else. You can try this on Fridays before leaving the office or each night at a certain time. The most important thing is to lock the cabinet before attempting to direct your attention to something less stressful.

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