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Tip 2 - A Balanced Life

This week's tip for a balanced life is all about multi-tasking or rather not multi-tasking.

Tip 2 – Avoid multitasking except while being at the office: A rather usual bad tactic today’s working professionals suffer from is subconsciously taking the office habits -especially that of multitasking- home with them. It is not rare that people find themselves washing dishes or cleaning their drawers while phoning a friend or checking their mails. Living everyday in the overdrive has resulted in multitasking when one ought to relax. Although some consider this as a normal routine, our bodies do not. In order to balance work, play, and rest, try to write down five ways work blends into your free time. Then select one to focus on. If for example you tend to check your e-mails every hour while at home, cut back initially by half and then more until you get it down to once a night. By transforming mindless habits into conscious choices, you will limit your body’s stress and gain control over your free time during the day or night.

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