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Megan Simpson has been fortunate enough to enjoy more than twenty years supporting people. These years have seen her work in areas such as Juvenile Justice, The Salvation Army, Women’s Housing, Catholic Care, Parenting Education and many Primary Schools across the Bendigo region.

Along with the privilege of working with so many people over this time, has been the opportunity for her to learn and grow and discover what really works best for others when it comes to supporting them through counselling.

The journey of working alongside children from the age of eight, right through to adults means that Megan has a breadth of experience in helping people understand the choices they make and ways they can think and feel better.

Megan’s way of connecting with others to help them feel safe and supported is a quality she takes into every session. She understands that as a natural way of being, we as humans have our ups and downs, our confusions and stuckness, and through that safe connection with The Green Couch she helps others try to learn why they are in the place they are, and how they can start moving forward and healing.

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