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How to Establish your Business on Instagram

With over seven million monthly active Instagram users on the platform in Australia, there is a real opportunity for businesses of all sizes to tap into this engaged community, create authentic customer relationships and turn their passion into a business.

Additionally, 70 per cent of Instagram users follow a business and on average Australians check their feed 11 times a day, six out of seven days per week, meaning there are obvious advantages for an SME to be on the platform.

Some 75 per cent of Australians say that they are inspired by individual Instagram posts and are taking action; whether that is visiting a website, searching for more information, actually shopping or telling a friend. Further to this, 60 per cent of people say they learn about new products and services from seeing a post on Instagram.

With the development and introduction of new features and tools on Instagram such as Business Tools and Instagram Stories, businesses now have new and multiple ways to maximise their exposure, connect with their customers, and build a loyal community of customers with whom they can share the business story and everything in-between.

Instagram Business Tools unlocks valuable opportunities and insights for SME's, allowing brand, venue or entrepreneur to connect directly with their customers. Services include a business profile, contact button functionality, insights, analytics and promotional tools. It's easy and it's free for all users.

Instagram 101 for any business is to be visual, be consistent and know your target audience. Over the next three weeks we will provide three top tips to help establish your business on the platform.

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