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Branding 101: Fulfill the brand's promise

A brand promise is a commitment a company makes to those who interact with it. This isn't necessarily a description of its products, but a definition of what the company stands for.

By way of an example: ZipBooks ( is an accounting software and online invoicing platform. Their brand promise is being easier, quicker, and user-friendly. To help them deliver on this message, they've designed a high-converting homepage to capture the attention and interest of potential users, fast.

Keep in mind that your brand promise has to be consistent, across any channels through which a consumer or customer may interact with it: person-to-person, or through a website, app or any form of communication.

To wrap up, we've outlined the fundamentals need for small business to make a great first impression. Put your best foot forward with an identity that reflects your brand and attracts like-minded customers and employees. Cultivate a fresh and engaging online presence by maintaining an up-to-date and engaging website or social media presence. Last, but not least, deliver on your brand's promise in every interaction with your customers or prospects.

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