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Preventing Ransom-ware - Backing up Data

In the end, a small business has limited resources, it can't guard against every possible thing that could go wrong. Thankfully, a good back-up solution could mean the difference between paying a ransom or losing your data.

It is critical that a small business owners backup data on a regular basis. This reduces downtime until a ransom is paid, and could even prevent one being paid at all. USBs and external hard drives are cost-effective options, providing these devices are physically disconnected as soon as the backup occurs. If not, they too can become infected.

Ransom-ware damages reputations, drains productivity and costs small businesses in Australia millions of dollars every year. Prevention is the best cure and often education is the first line of defense to keeping your company and customer data safe. By securing your end-point, empowering employees and regularly backing up data, the impacts of ransom-ware can be greatly minimised and even prevented.

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