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Old Art made modern for Castlemaine

At the end of 2015, Tim Godfrey finished up his Masters of Engineering, a degree that was really only going to help him be an academic in the big city. He and Jodi his wife spent a lot of time coming up with all kinds of hair-brained ideas to use his techy, mathematical skills in a small country town. And then finally, one day, came the light-bulb moment - laser cut paper pieces.

And so with his brains and her creative flare combined, they developed Tales of Cloth Paper Pieces. Tim built a laser cutter, and Jodi has been madly stitching late into the night. Their goal is to help people make unique and beautiful hand-pieced quilts, connecting different shapes together to discover new tiling patterns or re-imagine old ones.

They’ve sourced environmentally friendly products and packaging wherever possible. The pieces are cut from 100% post-consumer recycled card. And they’ve gone for recycled paper envelopes rather than plastic sleeves to hold them.

Fast forward to 2017, Tim and Jodi have now relocated their business and family from NSW to Castlemaine and we wish them every success in their new venture to our part of Australia.

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