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5 Ways You Sabotage Your Own Happiness - 5


Is fear stopping you from getting a better job, having a good relationship? Has fear stopped you from doing and having any number of things that would make your life happier?

We’ll do everything in our power to avoid this fear of “what if.” But, when we refuse to face these fears, they’ll continue to hold a great power over us.

Overcoming fear is all about replacing and overpowering it with something else. For instance if you want to start your business, but are paralyzed by the fear of “what if,” challenge that debilitating fear by:

  • Accomplishing one small, attainable project each day, such as volunteering or finding a mentor. Start by devoting just 20 percent of your time trying new things. That’s not much!

  • Getting your creative juices flowing through writing or learning a new skill or talent.

  • Surrounding yourself with optimistic supporters.

  • Recognize the true value of your life and talents.

One more thing; fear and happiness cannot exist together in the same brain. So if you want to stay happy, it’s time to lose a little of that fear in order to become fearless.

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