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Neurological Therapy available in Castlemaine

Workspace welcomes Paul from Neurocentral Physiotherapy to our Workspace Castlemaine site.

Paul has significant expertise in providing physiotherapy treatment options for a wide range of neurological conditions, he has a particular passion for working with clients with complex needs, including those with:

  • Dual diagnoses such as combined spinal cord injury and acquired brain injury

  • Psychological, cognitive and/or behavioural impairments combined with physical impairments

  • High-level spinal cord injury

  • Multi-trauma orthopaedic injuries in combination with spinal cord injury or acquired brain injury

Paul has co-authored research published in the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy and in Physiotherapy Research International, as well as having served on the education committee of the Victorian Brain Injury Recovery Association between 2005 and 2012. Paul also occasionally consults as an expert witness, advising regarding long-term care requirements in legal proceedings.

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