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Christmas Marketing Strategies Week 1

Small businesses across the globe have had to change strategies in multiple ways to counter the pandemic and to stay afloat. With how volatile 2021 has been, we can count on the festive season being like no other. The behaviours, activities and routines of your 'ideal customer' have been impacted. This means how receptive your customer may have been to your marketing tactics previously, may not be as effective or may have to be adjusted to fit their needs

Digital adoption has accelerated during the COVID-19 outbreak. The older generation often referred to as 'Gen X' or 'Boomers' have become more and more familiar with eCommerce, with millions of them now beginning to shop online. Over the lead up to Christmas we will discuss some Christmas Marketing strategies

So what do you need to do for your 2020 Christmas Marketing Strategy
Along with the increase in the number of consumers and customers, there has also been a surge in the number of businesses that have integrated an eCommerce element into their business and began using social media during this period. It also means how your business is represented online is more vital than ever.

We’re beyond the “I just need an online presence” phase now – Your online presence is the face of your business for the foreseeable future and beyond. Remember how much time you spent decorating your shop, or office? Yes, it’s time to do that for your online store and presence.

It's important to remember, marketing isn't always about showcasing or bombarding the customer with pictures highlighting the product you sell; it's also about showcasing what your brand represents. Yes, the product or service matters; but people want to know who they're buying from too.

When is the right time to start?

If you haven’t already started, the next best time is NOW. Christmas marketing takes time to plan, create and schedule. Before you know it, the Christmas rush will be upon us. Get a head start on your competition and begin putting your marketing campaign together now.

If you want to get the most out of Christmas campaign but don’t know where to begin, or how to get started, then get in touch with us. We understand how busy it can get, and we have a wealth of experience to be able to plan execute and deliver successful marketing campaigns.


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