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Christmas Marketing Strategies Week 4


It’s never too early to start your Christmas marketing plan. An effective strategy is to start planning what you’ll post, on what platform so you’re not rushing around trying to create and think of content to post during your peak season.

It's never too early to begin planning; the right time is now!


Diversification of content is vital to keep your followers and customers engaged and interested in your content. Not everything should be focused on promoting your product or service, it’s strongly recommended to plan posts that are specifically there to entertain, inspire or engage your following to allow them to interact with you.

A good way of doing this is by asking your followers a question, prompting them to engage. This works great using the 'Poll' or the 'Ask me a Question' feature on Facebook and Instagram. For example, one of the questions you could ask is "How do you plan to celebrate Christmas this year?" and see what everyone plans to do this COVID Christmas!


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