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The Full Stop Writing & Editing - Castlemaine

Bron Willis writes stories that change the land. She writes stories that help conservation not-for-profits reach new supporters. Stories that help start-up groups land major gifts for ground-breaking projects; stories that get regenerative farmers thousands of eyes on their offering and stories that spur Australians to channel their climate anxiety into climate action.

Her stories change people – and people change the land. Bron says Australia has one of the worst extinction records on the planet. It also has weak environmental protection laws, reefs that are dying and soil that is incapable of holding the water and nutrition our forests, woodlands and farmlands need to support us. Our land is crying out for change.

But look a little closer and you’ll see another ecosystem. It’s an ecosystem of smart people, ideas, and solutions. Australia has generations of Aboriginal knowledge about our land and its creatures. We have established not-for-profits protecting habitats, harnessing science, and the support of everyday Australians. We have emerging businesses and technologies working with new models and imagining new futures. My writing is part of that ecosystem Bron says.


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