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94.9 Main FM - Castlemaine

MAINfm is licensed to Castlemaine District Radio Inc to serve the Mount Alexander district community.

The studios and offices are located in the Workspace building on Halford St.

MAINfm transmits 24 hours each day with music of broad appeal combined with local news and information.

Their presenters are local people and the organisation is not for profit. All income generated is used for the development, improvement, conduct and maintenance of the station.

Although a volunteer organisation, their operating costs are quite high. With a few exceptions all money must be raised locally. Grants are sought when the opportunity arises.

Interested people in the community are welcome to become financial voting Members of CDR Inc. or to become financial Subscribers to MAINfm.

Their call sign – MAINfm is representative of their base in Castlemaine, Victoria and their broader reach.

The station is managed under the direction of a Committee of Management elected annually by Members. It transmits at 94.9 MHz on the FM band with an effective radiated power of 1000 watts.


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