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It is Helena's total honour to witness and support clients in their wellbeing. From the management of and recovery from injury or trauma to promotion of relaxation, her intention is to reduce your pain and stress while enhancing an overall sense of wellbeing, connectedness and inner peace.

Her massage sessions are responsive to each client’s needs and often incorporate breath work, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, muscle energy technique, sports injury rehabilitation and relaxation.

She delights in working with business professionals, tradespeople, pregnant mothers, young people, students and elders as they navigate the physical and environmental stresses of life. She offers negotiable rates to genuine low-income earners when a shared commitment to lasting wellbeing is palpable.

Helena's aim is to empower clients in the management and maintenance of their particular condition. When appropriate she draws on her dance background, incorporating basic education of anatomical development and natural movement techniques to further assist her client’s self-awareness.


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