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Matthew is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, he helps people cope with hard situations, with difficult emotions, and with creating the good life they want.

He helps people to become inwardly more happy, confident, and purposeful and outwardly more successful in their goals in life

Matt is registered at the most senior level with the Australian Counselling Association. Previously having taught philosophy at university. He combines both pragmatism and depth, helping people to create a better life, and a more meaningful one.

As a counsellor he is master's qualified with years of experience, and registered at the most senior level, and so brings a lot of knowledge and skill. However he also views therapy as a kind of relationship, albeit professional, rather than merely a set of techniques - it is a space where you can be thoroughly honest with yourself and really get to the heart of things, I am a deep listener, with a capacity to work with strong and painful emotions, while simultaneously helping people shift their direction toward what is good and desirable he says.

Whether you need to work through emotions, or find practical solutions, or cultivate a new way of being, Matt has the experience and capacity to help. Issues that he regularly helps with include: relationships; work and career; change or loss; life direction and goals; managing or overcoming negative emotions (including anxiety and depression); cultivating qualities such as self-esteem, confidence, motivation, meaning, identity, purpose.


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