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Axiom Tree Management caters to a diverse clientele by providing a wide range of consulting services. With extensive qualifications and experience in Arboriculture, Axiom Tree Management can provide practical solutions and advice for all your tree matters.

Axiom Tree Management is headed by Tim Cameron. Tim has over 12 years’ experience in the Arboriculture industry. Originally working in agriculture, Tim started out in the industry as a climbing arborist working throughout Melbourne and the UK for over 7 years. During this time Tim has also been involved in training on a sessional basis in vocational education.

With 6 years’ experience as a Consulting Arborist Tim has been involved in a broad range of arboricultural projects ranging from development reports for planning requirements, tree health and risk assessments, large scale council tree inventories and cultural heritage surveys. Tim has confidently worked alongside archaeologists, ecologists, engineers, planners and many other professions to meet client and project requirements.


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