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Ready to Hire Your First Employee - Part 2

Experienced employee or someone you can train?

Clearly defining the position can guide you in the right direction. Will your business be better serviced by someone bringing experience or a blank slate you can train to match your business? Have you considered whether the position requires the employee to hold a qualification? Equally important is finding someone who shares the company values, it is vital they fit with your business culture.

How will you recruit for the position?

Have you decided how you will advertise the position? Will you self-manage the process, posting the vacancy on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) or engage a Recruiter? Whichever route you choose be thorough – have a good recruitment process in place and make sure you conduct reference checks on any candidates you are considering.

Do you know the correct Award/agreement & pay rate?

Check what Award your new employee will be employed under and consider the market rates are for the role you are filling. Will you pay Award rates or above Award rates? Minimum conditions of employment come from their Award or your Enterprise Agreement.  Employees could also be entitled to allowances and penalty rates – make sure you understand the correct entitlements that apply to your staff.

Article courtesy of Inside Small Business Magazine


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