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Starting a Business during COVID

Across various industries, companies have had to adapt their operations to comply with social distancing protocols and stay afloat during an economic downturn. These conditions have made it difficult for many existing businesses to survive and even more difficult for new ones to open.

Launching a startup is a complicated feat in the best of circumstances, and it's an especially complex process to tackle during COVID-19. Many people might think it impossible to pursue entrepreneurship in such uncertain times, but doing so might not be such a bad idea. In fact, a business has the potential to survive and even thrive during a global pandemic.

Some examples of the industries that are thriving during COVID are

  • Cleaning services. Many people and businesses are turning to professional cleaning services that can safely and effectively sanitise homes, offices and restaurants.

  • Delivery services. With many staying home and avoiding nonessential outings, people are increasingly relying on delivery. Retail delivery, as well as food, grocery and meal prep delivery, are seeing a particularly strong demand.

  • Fitness equipment and online fitness classes. Most gyms and fitness studios have limited in-person capacities right now, so consumers are turning to fitness equipment companies and virtual classes to stay fit without leaving the house.

  • Landscaping/yard care companies. Rather than going out or on vacation, people are spending more time at home with family or hosting smaller outdoor get-togethers. As a result, landscaping and yard care companies are seeing even more business than usual.

  • Mask makers. With mask-wearing becoming a requirement in certain settings, several companies have cropped up or successfully pivoted their operations to create high-quality, aesthetically pleasing masks.

  • Telehealth services. People have been wary of visiting doctor's offices, where they could more easily contract coronavirus. As a result, telehealth services have become increasingly popular.

What ever your idea Workspace assistance is available. If you wish to start a business simply contact us for one on one assistance.


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