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Tips for Independent Artists - Negotiation part 10

Your Family or the People around You Families

All families have expenses, so getting a really good sense of what these are is important. Similarly, for family members living away from you visiting them can costs money in travel and time away from work. These kinds of things usually just roll into life but when the budget is tight you have to be more creative. • What programs or costs can you stop right now for the kids and what do you need to keep going with? • What are school or child care costs? Do you get all rebates from the government you can for childcare? • Do you have family members you care for – do you understand everything related to this?

Siblings, partners, parents, grandparents etc. • Do you live in a non-traditional house or community and your dearly beloved friends are your family, do you understand any costs associated to caring for them? This might also be a reciprocal relationship so knowing the trade exchanges are essential.


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