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Tips for Independent Artists - Negotiation part 4

Groceries, Food & Supplies When you're really busy, touring or working long long hours you don’t really have a sense of what food and supplies you have in your house.

Many people waste a lot of my money on buying more than they need and it either goes off, or gets wasted etc. • Where do you buy your groceries from? • Is that the easiest place or the cheapest? • Have you got a food bank that you can access for pantry items? • Are local markets available? • Is there a food sharing group or co-op in your community? Is this more affordable for fresh produce? • Do you garden? Is that possible to support your fresh produce needs? Even herbs or tomatoes might be possible. • Can you share bigger purchases? Do you have the funds to buy in bulk? • Can you brainstorm meal planning with some friends or the people you live with to stop wasting any foods? • Do you need specific foods or vitamins or supplements for your health? Where is the cheapest place to get these from? Think about supply chain and can you access them in Australia or your own country for now? • Do you set a food budget every week, or buy as you go? What experiments could you test out to see how to maximise your money in regards to supplies and groceries?


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