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Tips for Independent Artists - Negotiation part 5

Travel, Car & Public Transport • If you had flights booked and now work has been cancelled can you check your contracts or insurance policies to see what you can claim back? • What points do you have with which airline frequent flyer points programs? • Is there any of these points you can use for any essentials, instead of flights? • If you have a concession card is this linked to your public transport cards? • If you have a bike when does it need to be maintained? What does this cost? Who helps you or do you do it yourself? • If you have a car consider the following:

  1. When do you have to pay the registration? Can you transfer this to monthly payments so it is not so drastic?

  2. Do you have insurance? When is this due?

  3. What can you claim through your sole trader status or business?

  4. Can you put your car into something like “care next door” or other car share groups for the next little while?

  5. What about maintenance and service costs per year? When does that usually happen? Are you going to the most affordable and appropriate mechanic?

  6. Do you have road side assistance or any other subscriptions for your car? What do they cost and when do you have to pay that? What benefits beyond the road side assistance do they provide you with?


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