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Tips for Independent Artists - Other part 3

Around the House As an artist many of you work from home a lot and many other random places, so getting your house really sorted every year is essential. • Where is your work space, studio, rehearsal space, making space? • Does it have everything you need? Is it big enough? Do you need to change things? • Do you claim what you can in your tax returns every year? Is this still possible anymore? • Is it time for a big clean up? And get supplies sorted? • What about your house’s general health? Do you know what’s in the back of your cupboards – big clean out of food, medicine cupboards so you know what you have and don’t waste money. • Do you know what’s under your sink? How many dish washing liquids and garbage bags do you have? • Is now the time to set up a compost to make soil to get growing? • Do you know how to grow food from scraps?


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